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Heart, Liver & Lungs - The Shadow Ring - Put The Music In Its Coffin (Vinyl, LP)

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  1. The heart pumps the blood, and the lungs put oxygen into it. This oxygen-rich blood then circulates throughout the body to nourish the cells; oxygen-depleted blood gets collected from the tissues to be oxygenated in the lungs. The route that puts the heart and the lungs in intimate contact with one another is the pulmonary circuit.
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  3. the _____ lung is normally a little larger than the _____ lung due to the position of the heart. right lung larger than left lung. the ____ lung has 2 lobes and one fissure - upper lobe - lower lobe - oblique fissure. base of lung sits right on the ____ diaphragm.
  4. Anterior view of the lungs and heart. Labels: 1, heart; 2, inferior vena cava; 3, superior vena cava; 4, right innominate vein; 5, left innominate vein; 6, jugular.
  5. The heart has its own blood vessels that supply the heart muscle with blood (Figure 2). The coronary arteries branch from the aorta and surround the outer surface of the heart like a crown. They diverge into capillaries where the heart muscle is supplied with oxygen before converging again into the coronary veins to take the deoxygenated blood back to the right atrium where the blood will be.
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  7. Shape and Size of the Heart. The shape of the heart is similar to a pinecone, rather broad at the superior surface and tapering to the apex. A typical heart is approximately the size of your fist: 12 cm (5 in) in length, 8 cm ( in) wide, and 6 cm ( in) in thickness.
  8. Simply put, the right lung has 3 lobes and the left lung has 2 lobes. This is because your heart lies on the left side, so there is only room for 2 lobes.

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