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  1. Bi-directional isochronous communication requires two isochronous pipes, one in each direction. USB guarantees the isochronous transfer access to the USB bandwidth (i.e., it reserves the required amount of bytes of the USB frame) with bounded latency, and guarantees the data transfer rate through the pipe, unless there is less data transmitted.
  2. Isochronous refers to a repeating event whose time interval or frequency doesn't change with changes in its inputs or environment. For example, an isochronous power system is one in which the line frequency doesn't change with changes in load on the system. And I agree we're douchebags for not telling you this.
  3. Definition of isochronous in the viepelcompsandcorrnisrerilegennorthco.xyzinfo dictionary. Meaning of isochronous. What does isochronous mean? Information and translations of isochronous in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on the web.
  4. Aug 19,  · Isochronous means that the governer keep always the same frequency. Droop is used to guarantee a fall of frequency according to the load. For example, if you have a generator that can supply a maximum of kVA output. When working in isochronous.
  5. Isochronous can be contrasted with asynchronous, which refers to processes in which data streams can be broken by random intervals, and synchronous processes, in which data streams can be delivered only at specific intervals. Isochronous service is not as rigid as synchronous service, but not as lenient as asynchronous service.
  6. Isochronous load sharing between multiple units provide s the ability to reject frequency disturbances and toactively share the load. In cases with fast-acting speed governors that operate in isochronous load sharingmode, generator shedding schemes can mostly be eliminated, assuming the.
  7. isochronous subscribed to a channel 3 years ago Extreme Machines Magazine - Channel. About Extreme Machines Magazine: Extreme Machines Magazine is .
  8. Musical tones are produced by isochronous (equal-timed) vibrations of the vocal organs continued for some length of time. The vibration being, of course, isochronous, any change of pressure merely produces a shortening or lengthening of the stroke. If the circuits have the same frequency when separated they are said to be isochronous.
  9. Other articles where Isochronous cyclotron is discussed: cyclotron: in this way are called isochronous, or azimuthally-varying-field (AVF) cyclotrons.

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