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Sorrows - Beautiful Deadly Children - Beauty With Cruelty (CD)

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  1. Beauty = Goodness: Beauty comes across as more of a neutral force here. Belle is a good person, the Beast became what he is as karmic punishment for selfishness, and the corrupt asylum director Monsieur D'Arque is very sickly looking. The "beautiful enchantress", on the other hand, is morally dubious, and Gaston is handsome but wicked.
  2. Ironically, for a community that has taken a vow of silence, the monks have become world-famous for their glorious voices, raised in ancient chants whose effect on both singer and listener is so profound it is known as "the beautiful mystery.".
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  4. Sequestered in the corners, life’s fond sorrows endure within. Fight, fight this dark light! But still, ‘Stay, you, this sin.’ Bare the ‘whips and scorns’ only she and time can remind. Pain and penitence: slashes across the mind. Cruelty: self-created. Wounds: self-inflicted. Kept hidden from friends now gone or ridden. Encrypted.
  5. Beautiful Joe was a dog from the town of Meaford, Ontario, whose story inspired the bestselling novel Beautiful Joe, which contributed to worldwide awareness of animal cruelty. The real Beautiful Joe The real Beautiful Joe was an Airedale-type dog. He was medium-sized, brown, and described as likely being part bull terrier and part fox.
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  7. The usurper mercilessly rules the house of Abascar, but meets his match in Rescue, the ale boy who leads his people in a daring escape. Elsewhere survivors of the beastman's cruelty search for the legendary city King Cal-raven saw in a vision. Will Auralia's colors illuminate the way to salvation for Cal-raven and his subjects? The Ale Boy's Feast: The Auralia Thread #4 () by.
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