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The Apostles Of God - Statement (2), Muted Existence - Split (Cassette, Album)

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  1. Traitor to Jesus, the Greek bible describes Judas’s death as very gruesome; some passages claim that he was “split asunder.” Judas was one of 12 chief disciples of Jesus, known as the apostles. His death is the most memorable of all the stories, for sure? But how did the apostles die? Let’s see what the Old Book has to say. Simon the Zealot.
  2. THE ORIGINAL TWELVE APOSTLES & OTHERS WHO SPREAD HIS GOOD NEWS Upon commencing His three year Ministry, Jesus of Nazareth called many to follow Him. There is a group of men who are recorded by name as the Twelve Apostles- those hand picked by Jesus to learn from Him so that they may, in turn, tell others about Him (to evangelize).
  3. But it seems to me that God has put us apostles ·in last place [or on display at the end of the procession], like those sentenced to die [C the image is of prisoners of war being led through the city in disgrace, condemned to die in the arena]. We are like a ·show [spectacle; display] for the whole world to see—angels and people.
  4. Jul 18,  · A particularly amazing text known as the Questions of Bartholomew shows Bart as the only one of the Twelve Apostles willing to ask Jesus the tough questions after his resurrection, and the answers involve Jesus peeling back the ground like a blanket to open a portal to Hell and summoning up Satan so Bartholomew can step on his neck, plus the.
  5. Tapping, who shaped me, moulded me, and were used powerfully by God to bring many churches into a greater revelation of who God is, all to a greater health and maturity and leading to a deeper unity. I consider these men like Dudley to be apostles, raised by God with a message and a mandate to restore the apostolic to the church. This did they.
  6. Lord fully commissioned the apostles (Matthew , Mark ) to advance God's kingdom and carry the gospel message to the world. Take a few moments now to learn a lesson or two from the twelve apostles—men who helped ignite the light of truth that still dwells within our hearts today and calls us to come and follow Jesus Christ.
  7. The Gospel of God. The gospel comes directly to us from God Himself. The gospel that Paul preached was given him by Jesus Himself. God is the Author, the Initiator, and the One who gives approval and validation to its content. The message delivered is given by God and it is Good News!
  8. This is one of those interesting mysteries. In fact, there are really two mysteries. One is whether or not the apostles were baptized at all. Another mystery is why the conversion of the apostles is not even mentioned. Bottom line, the Bible does not tell us one way or another. I assume that if we needed to know God would have told us.

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