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The Portal To Atitlan

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  1. L ake Atitlán is renowned as one of the most beautiful lakes in the world. Formed 84, years ago during an enormous volcanic eruption, Lake Atitlán is Central America’s deepest lake, surrounded by mountains and volcanoes covered with blooming wildflowers most of the year.
  2. Jun 23,  · Lake Atitlan is located within the Guatemalan highlands, an area which receives favorable year-round weather due to its elevation and distance from the equator. This weather has caused Guatemala to be known as the “Land of Eternal Spring” and I think it’s quite fitting.
  3. After traveling to Lago de Atitlan, painting one of the Santa Catarina Palopó houses themselves, and meeting some of the local artisans, Wong and Wurtzburger were impassioned to create a capsule collection of furniture and home goods that incorporated the Guatemalan craft techniques. “They brought a lot of enthusiasm to the project.
  4. Atitlan is beckoning Welcome to your Paradise. Cuisine. More info. Spa. Kaalpul translates in native dialogue to mean "portal to a sacred place". Our serene and transcendent setting will tap into the physical and evoke a calmness that will bring gratitude to the senses. More info. Tours. Kaalpul is only accessible by boat. Transports are.
  5. Nineteenth-century traveler/chronicler John L Stephens, writing in Incidents of Travel in Central America, called Lago de Atitlán 'the most magnificent spectacle we ever saw,' and he had been around a bit. Today even seasoned travelers marvel at this incredible environment. Fishers in rustic crafts ply the lake's aquamarine surface.
  6. Apr 06,  · Surrounded by a necklace of volcanoes mirrored in turquoise-jade waters, Lake Atitlan looks like an eye brimming with tears, a fitting image for a lake so deep the indigenous Maya people believe it to be a portal to another world.
  7. A beautiful hotel by Lake Atitlan Framed by lush gardens and breathtaking views of Lake Atitlán and Guatemala’s three majestic volcanoes – Volcán San Pedro, Volcán Atitlán and Volcán Tolimán – Porta Hotel del Lago offers a truly majestic destination for your next getaway to Panajachel.
  8. Surrounded by Botanical Gardens, Hotel Atitlán Hotel & Gardens is one of the finest and most charming boutique hotels in Guatemala, situated ten minutes from the main town of Panajachel on what once was the estate of a family-owned coffee plantation.
  9. Aug 02,  · Lake Atitlan looks spectacular and massive. I like the fact that there is so much activity around the lake. Apart from the lake the Mayan villages that dot the area around the lake seem really interesting. Would love to walk around these villages and learn more about the Mayan culture. August 4, at am.

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