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Méza Maténa

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  2. Triscele Registrazioni is curated by Luciano Maggiore and Enrico Malatesta and is a series of self-published editions, started in as an open workshop through which document their different solo works and collaborations.
  3. Enrico Malatesta () is a percussionist active in the field of contemporary music; his personal activity and research is aimed to extend the sonic and multi­material possibilities of percussion instruments through simple gestural techniques, able to realize complex polyrhythms and multiple sounds between performer, instrument and vastness.
  4. Mèza Matèna Realized by Enrico Malatesta between June and July using percussive sounds, a brief excerpt of a field recording by Attila Faravelli, simple loops and simple actions. Mastered by Giuseppe Ielasi Edition of copies.
  5. Alfonso Meza Alberto Moreno Gustavo Legorreta Profesores y asistentes Jesús Ramos MODERADOR Samuel Pascual Jesus Ramos Gustavo Legorreta Alfonso Meza Consuelo Ibarra / Matena Valverde Consuelo Ibarra Paulina Velazco Laura Flores Margarita Sebastian Fabiola Alvarado Rosaicela Dávila / Victor Rodríguez Victor Rodríguez Margarita Sebastian.
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  7. Jul 31,  · In-Laws of James Matena, Ezekiel, Onyoni, Mary, Elizabeth and the late Nyanchera, Francis Rioba, the late Nyabero, Ndemo. Korera of Mr & Mrs Zablon Abuya, Mr & Mrs Joseph Owanda, Mrs & Mrs Onyancha. Mr & Mrs Reuben Mecha, Mrs & Mrs Atuya and Mr & Mrs Daniel Moranga. He left behind 17 grandchildren.
  8. Walter Matena. व्यक्तिगत ब्लग Walter Meza - Exitos de Oro. संगीत चित्रपट.

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