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  1. Tern definition, any of numerous aquatic birds of the subfamily Sterninae of the family Laridae, related to the gulls but usually having a more slender body and bill, smaller feet, a long, deeply forked tail, and a more graceful flight, especially those of the genus Sterna, as S. hirundo (common tern), of Eurasia and America, having white, black, and gray plumage.
  2. In the tern family there are two types of noddies; the Brown Noddy and the Black Noddy. With their long pointed wings and long tail feathers, terns fly over water as swallows fly over land. With quick and agile manoeuvring, these birds dart through the air, diving and capturing their prey by .
  3. One of four very similar terns on this continent. The species lives up to its name as a "common" tern mainly in the northeast; over much of the continent, it is outnumbered by the similar Forster's Tern. Also widespread in the Old World.
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  5. tern @tern_aus · 7 Jul With fieldwork on hold, we’ve been using some exciting desktop methods for monitoring 🇦🇺’s ecosystems.
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  7. Common Terns gracefully row through the sky showing off their long angular wings, and breeding season gray belly, black cap, and red bill. They dive towards the water picking off fish just below the surface. The Common Tern is the most widespread tern in North America, spending its winters as far south as Argentina and Chile. They are social birds, foraging in groups and nesting on the ground.
  8. In-tern definition, to restrict to or confine within prescribed limits, as prisoners of war, enemy aliens, or combat troops who take refuge in a neutral country. See more.

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